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Official Website of the Commission on Elections, Republic of the Philippines

Official Website of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC)

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Basic Website Information

AboutUnder the direction of the Chairman and the Executive Director Develop and administer a continuing campaign to educate the public and fully inform the electorate about election and referendum laws, decrees, procedures, decisions and other matters related to the work and duties of the Commission, the obligation to register and vote, voting qualifications and requirements, and the necessity for free, orderly and honest elections; Conduct research and studies on information needs; ...

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There is no technical information for this site at this moment.

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Alexa Traffic Rank: 538,650.Compete Traffic Rank: 4,689,914.

Based on these statistics we estimate that has a traffic volume of 57,567 pageviews per month.

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Indexed Pages 5,281
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Backlinks 30,708
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